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Theories from an AU Geek

Fred Burkle
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This is an RPG journal for the fictional Angel character of Fred Burkle, who is currently played as an AU version at sixwordstories in the following verse.

Dark Fire (as Fred Burkle McRae)
After an experiment with "cow feed" in the Pylean dimension triggered her latent fae DNA, causing her to develop wings and the ability to fly, Fred returned to earth's dimension and went to UK Sanctuary for help. There, she met and fell in love with Declan McRae (blendsinwell), who became her husband. They have a daughter named Kenzie (kenzieexplores) and are now moving to the Old City Sanctuary in Seattle to help in the continuing fight against the Cabal.

Other players: Helen Magnus immortal_helen, Will Zimmerman (sanctuarypsych), Ashley Magnus (ashmag), Cassie Gates (immortalnotdead), Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (wwyndampryce), James Watson (notthatwatson), Ellie Martin (tracksthecity), Max Pace (missmimic), Carson Beckett (drcbeckett_mbbs), Henry Foss (isnotadog) and Nikola Tesla (inventivevamp).

Fred is played by larakailyn. The character belongs to Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon. This is just done for fun.